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Home School Skate

April 8 & 22, 2024, 11am - 1pm
Admission $5.00


Spring Break Skates

Arpil 2-4, 2024, 1:30pm - 4pm
Admission $7.00


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Little more than 8 years ago, we launched Hardin County Skateland, Inc with a vision and a passion to change our skating experience for the better. We’ve done our best along the way – and our to-do list seems to be growing, not shrinking! – but we’ve loved every minute of it. We’re most thankful for our loyal and growing customers . . . without you, none of this fun would be possible. So let us take this moment to thank you for all your support.

Our business model is simple – focus on what the customer wants and create an excellent customer experience in as innovative way as we can.

Every idea we come up with and every business decision we make somehow ties directly back to our customers.  We are passionate, driven, and love a challenge – we’re always looking for new ideas to make our rink and your experience even more enjoyable for you.  We could give you a long laundry list of details about all the cool ideas we’ve had, but here’s the quick list of what you can expect from us.

  • We are committed to engaging with each and every one that comes in our doors. We want you to personally know how much we appreciate your business and that we are doing our best to make sure your time with us is fun and exciting.
  • We are committed to a clean, safe, and secure environment for you and your family. Whether you drop your kids off or stay and join in the fun, we have a staff that is committed to entertaining, but most importantly, to provide a safe and secure place to have fun.
  • We are committed to good clean fun for people of all ages. Our goal is to provide a “G Rated” experience for even the youngest of children.  Our library of radio edited music is “Mom Approved” and our rules are designed around providing an atmosphere that we can be proud of.
  • We are committed to excellent customer service.  Whether you have a question about organizing a party, need help with purchasing skates, or even need work done on skates you bought from us, we are available and happy to help.

We want to earn your repeat and referral business, so we strive to provide good prices, a friendly atmosphere, and a good time that you will tell your family and friends about.

Poke around on our site here, drop by to see us, and see if you like what we have to offer… we promise to deliver an excellent customer experience that makes you want to come back time and time again!

Thank You!!!

Hardin County Skateland, Inc.